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Sender MH

Scam. Called my home phone number (AT&T). Caller was of Asian descent and claimed to be from "Windows Headquarters", used the name James Dean. Said he was calling about my computer because my computer was sending out transmissions. When I told him I'd have to take a message and have the attorney get back to him, he claimed he did not have a return-call phone number (despite that he was calling from a land line!). I started asking him more questions about who he worked for and where he was calling from, and he got very confused as to how to answer these (maybe the script didn't tell him how to answer). He continued to ask for my name and what I do for a living, which I did not provide to him. He continued to pretend he was very concerned about my computer. After his numerous refusals to provide a call-back number, I told him the call was suspicious and I was going to disconnect and call the police. He was silent, then quietly said "ok". I hung up on him.

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